After hosting the very first national children’s art festival in U.S. history (held on the National Mall in Washington in September 1998), the ICAF has successfully produced the World Children’s Festival every four years as the “Olympics” of children’s imagination and co‐creation. The ICAF also organized the European Children’s Festival at the Olympia Park in Munich in 2006, and has arranged children’s panels and art exhibitions at major international venues.

The World Children’s Festival (WCF) is a national and global showcase for STEAMS Education™ which integrates Arts and Sport with STEM disciplines (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) for children’s holistic development. Donate Today to Promote STEAMS Education

"Children find themselves able to recreate the world around them"

Eminent educators and field experts, Olympians and artists, and scientists and technologists host activities and workshops to nurture children's creativity and develop their empathy in a global community setting. The children help produce a complete kinesthetic experience, a total work of art, by their dazzling performances, amazing art creations and displays, and their own workshops on issues they are most passionate about.

The WCF is a transformative experience where creativity and co-creation become building blocks for innovation and positive social change. The WCF empowers the children to shape the future and change the world.

The 5th World Children’s Festival will take place in Washington DC to honor the 5th Arts Olympiad winners. Performances by school groups and young artists are selected by a prominent panel of judges. Applications for performances and workshops and activities will be posted here in June 2014.

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